Introducing myself : Maxime Vanhulle

Introducing myself : Maxime Vanhulle

A Little About Me

My name is Maxime, a dynamic, self-motivated student and an important part of the puzzle in the family business - I actually run the day-to-day operations of D&C. As an expert in social media, I simply love getting messages across, reaching out to new client prospects and boosting the visibility of D&C.

Of course, all the merit goes to my mother, Geneviève, you came up with this bright idea - to bring life to your photos or prints.

What Drives You? 

We are passionate in what we do. We bring life to your photos so that you remember those sweet memories. Our everyday challenge is to make our clients happy and to get their cheerful feedbacks. Moreover, as a family business, small-scale, we take that precious time to understand our clients’ needs and to satisfy their requests.

How Do You Envisage the Future?

That’s a tough question! I’m currently studying Marketing at Hogent College (Gent) and enjoying my studies. What I do know is that I will continue to work in customer services. I like to be challenged, to have to tackle problems, to find new processes and most importantly to provide solutions to people, to clients. I like social contacts, I am very much client-driven!

A Regret in Life? 

A lack of accomplishment because I didn’t pluck up the courage to stick to an idea. To feel foolish in the eyes of people because I’m thinking “out of the box”. But it’s totally fine to disturb the “ordinary”. Therefore if you have an idea, shoot, launch and remain confident!

What’s Your Piece of Advice?

Don’t sit on your ideas! Innovate your creativity! Live your dreams, the best ideas are the ones you dream up.

Take action, it’s on a trial & error basis, that’s the only way you can move ahead and create. Don’t be scared to fail, remain confident, keep doing things that make you happy and the success will come.


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