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Who we are


At D&C, it's quite simple, we create and print your art projects!

D&C was founded in 2015 following an 18th Birthday Party - and not any odd party - my eldest daughter's 18th birthday - Alexandra.

Caught in a swirl of emotions and wanting the perfect invitation and photo panels for the party to be a success. I let my mind wander in search of creativity and designed the entire decorative setting of the party (invitation, photo panels, table menu, etc...).

This sparked the idea of offering printing and artwork services to others.

You put a lot of love into crafting a photo, we put a lot of passion intro printing it!

Our Artwork and printing services

With our customised services, state-of-the-art printers, and wide range of photo, canvas, we ensure your images come out just the way you pictured.

We provide full range of services from initiation of project to artwork conceptualisation. You can't beat our prices and the quality of the printing thanks to our professional staff and our own manufacture (using the best and modern equipment).

Our main clients range from private clients to design & architecture related companies.

hook & plug
Our panels are delivered with a wall mount equipped with corresponding hook and plug.
hook & plug
In addition to standard formats we can deliver panels with custom-made sizes.
hook & plug
The panels are manually and securely packaged, so that they arrive safely at their destination.
hook & plug
You can contact us 24/7, using the contact form, with questions about details and quality aspects of the order. Your personal ideas and tastes will be taken into account.