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Baryta paper


This luxurious photo paper will impress even the most demanding photographers and art lovers, and is the perfect way to show off your most stunning pictures. At 315g/m³, this textured paper has a real ‘fine art’ feel. Baryta paper offers excellent black density, which makes it the ideal choice for black and white photos; and for colour photos, the bright white undertones will really make your colours pop.


The key facts at a glance:

  • This heavy, fibre-based paper ensures vibrant colours and excellent contrast for impactful prints
  • Baryta paper has impressive archival qualities, so your prints will look great for longer
  • You choose the format and size: a multitude of portrait, landscape and square formats. Minimum size: 20 x 30cm Maximum size 200 x 300cm
Luxurious ‘fine art’ feel
Perfect for exhibiting or selling prints
Brings your black and white photos to the next level