Our story

Hi, we are Dreamers & Creators

"Whether you want to decorate your home or offer a memorable gift, our wide range of materials and sizes mean that every piece can be exactly how you want it."

- Maxime

Our story

The birth of dreamers & creators came about thanks to a special birthday in 2015. dreamers & creators founder Geneviève Bultynck writes, “My eldest daughter, Alexandra, was turning 18, and I wanted to organise a party that would honour her journey and celebrate the young woman she had become. A party she would remember forever.”

“It was important to me that everything was just right, from the invitations and the menus on the tables, to the photo panels that told the story of those magical 18 years. And so, caught up in a wonderful swirl of creativity, emotions, and memories, I designed everything we needed for the party.”

Geneviève realised that she could bring this possibility to everyone who wants to bring their creative ideas to life, with high-quality personalised printed items.

What we stand for



Founder of dreamers & creators

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