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Print under acrylic glass


Your images come alive when they are printed on acrylic glass!

Prints on acrylic glass are simply stunning! The images are so clear, so crisp, so vibrant. The colours are vivid, the blacks are rich, tiny nuances and soft differences are perfect.

The key facts at a glance:

  • A 3mm acrylic glass plate laminated onto an aluminium panel (acrylic glass on Alu Dibond®), sealed with permanent elastic silicone (the piece never bubbles, tears, or comes loose).
  • Acrylic glass is a plastic with the properties of glass, but without its fragility and weight.
  • You choose your format and size - minimum size: 20 x 20 cm, maximum size: 150 x 300 cm. A multitude of portrait, landscape and square formats.
  • Ready to hang: wall-mount always included.
  • Enhanced longevity with a UV protective laminate, but always extremely transparent. The quality - thin and long-lasting.
  • Aspect – prints on acrylic glass add breath-taking brilliance and depth to your photos.
A timeless look for your photos
Luminous colours
Durable & Beautiful